Stranger things fanfiction max sick

She knew what sick meant, papa had used the word multiple times referring to her while she was at the lab. Joyce made her some of the best chicken noodle soup According to Ted, of course, he loves chicken everything. Four hours later, El woke up, hungry, but her head hurt like hell.

She remembered what medicine Joyce gave her, 'Tylenot' or similar, she found something called 'Tylenol', and assumed that's what it was. She went back to her room and laid in her bed, she couldn't get back to sleep, not until the medicine worked anyways. Then came a fifth member, an enchantress, this enchantress could move stuff just by thinking about it.

They fought a giant battle together, larger than any of them could've imagined. An unexpected turn of events happened though, the dungeon master fell in love with the enchantress, but they could only be together for a short period.

The enchantress sacrificed herself to save the party, and the dungeon master. The dungeon master spent a long time looking for the enchantress, until he had figured out where she was, and rescued her from that pit of dismay.

And they lived happily ever after. Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Stranger Things, January Pain, it was throbbing in her head, she didn't know what this was, but she hated it. El thought that it was good, not as good as Eggos, but good. She heard something, someonecome into the house.

What are you doing here!?

What are you doing here? The Piano 2. Kiss 3. Hopper 4. Sick Day 5. The Confrontation 6. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.His friends' voices were ringing his ear and the demodogs were so close, so close.

They were almost upon him and Steve and he barely registered the teen's arms wrapping around him and hoisting him up. He grabbed the rope, swallowing. He was going to get out of this and they were all going to be okay and it was so hot. Mike's sweaty hand grabbed his own and hoisted him up right as he felt movement underneath, his hands shaking as his mind registered that they weren't all out. It was when Max screamed that he knew, before looking. Lucas shouted desperately, trying to dive in the tunnels with his arm stretched.

Dustin turned around and, with a horrified expression, saw the older boy falling, with the demodogs jumping on him, at least one of them digging its claws into his skin. Dustin was panicking. His breaths were coming out short and he felt like he was choking as he watched, everything happening in slow motion. Mike's face was looking beyond horrified; all of a sudden there was tears streaming down his cheeks, or was it just Dustin?

Maybe it was him, he didn't know, he just knew he had to get down there because those dogs were trampling all over Steve and he was down there alone and he had lifted him up at the last second. Max was looking sick. She was the only one who had continued to stare down as the dogs went, not closing her eyes or looking away. She was screaming hysterically, shrieking, "Help him!

Oh God, help him! Had Steve yelled? He must have, but it might have gotten mixed with their own screams. If he had yelled, it wouldn't have been out of surprise, right? Just out of pain, because he knew - he must have known - that once he hiked Dustin up there'd be no time for him too.

And the thought made him nauseous and so relieved at the same time. It could have been him if Steve decided to just leave it and climb up himself. And he wanted to throw up and he was disgusted that he felt relieved. He didn't want to feel that, he just wanted to help the older boy and - oh, this had been such a terrible idea, and he'd tried to stop them. How are we going to hoist him up? Get him out, I'll get him out!

She knew she was close to throwing up. She could feel it. But the only thing going through her mind was that the guy who had stood up to her brother for her and Lucas was now lying with his eyes closed and blood soaking his shirt.

stranger things fanfiction max sick

She didn't want this. She would take her home life and a never ending cycle of Billy's abuse over this.The thing is, Max actually likes Mike. He's smart, he's thoughtful, resourceful, and he's caring, at least towards his friends.

Which Max isn't. As he keeps reminding her. It would be so much easier if he was always a jerk, but Max can tell straight from the get go that he isn't. Moody, maybe, and wary, but a jerk? He looks at Will like he's hung the stars, and Dustin and Lucas may argue with him but they trust him impeccably, for some reason.

Not a jerk. The problem is that for some reason, he just doesn't like her. She'd thought that maybe if she joined their party, if she stuck around… but no. There's been a moment, in the school gym, where he'd been smiling and victory had flared up in her chest for a few minutes, but then it was gone as he stared towards the door with an inscrutable look on his face.

She shouldn't care this much about what Mike thinks, really, she knows, but it's hard not to. He's the team leader. He's the Paladin. He's Mike, and Dustin may call their party a democracy, but they all trust Mike. So if Mike doesn't like her, it's hard to feel welcome in their little ragtag bunch.

It's not that she needs his approval, but… well.

It would be nice, is all. It could be nice. Steve is driving, Dustin warily sitting next to him, and Max thinks grudgingly that even concussed to hell and back, Steve is a better driver than her. She's got time. Max stares at him in shock, lips twitching into a smile, and Mike manages to smile back, looking tired but alive, and Max relaxes into the seat and grins to herself. Lucas nudges her, grinning like a shark, and Max rolls her eyes and elbows him, feigning nonchalance.

So Mike is okay with her. It would've sucked if he still couldn't stand her after fighting a herd of demodogs together. Max even finds the time to be concerned for him, privately, because he hasn't said much about what happened in Hawkins Lab, and Joyce looked so traumatised that Max thought she might collapse on the spot. In fact, Mike hasn't said anything about the frankly terrifying ordeal they all went through together not even an hour ago, while they wait for the Byers or Hopper to pull into the driveway.

Mike was the one who spurred them all into action, and Max wonders dryly if he only becomes friends with people who'll follow him headfirst into danger. Honestly, at this point… look, she wouldn't be surprisedis all she's saying.Eleven couldn't remember a time in her life when she had felt so bad. Her whole body ached and it was hard to swallow, she was constantly blowing her nose even when she wasn't sneezing or coughing violently.

She felt especially worse at night even though she had taken cough syrup and children's Tylenol before trying to go to sleep. Joyce said she was sick. It was another word she was unfamiliar with, she hadn't ever gotten sick at the place she'd been with Papa and the bad men in the bad place. Wheeler had clucked sympathetically and said she probably didn't even have an immune system when she had stopped in to check in on her when Joyce had been working at the hardware store.

Wheeler helped her sit up and handed her a mug of tea. Wheeler answered. It's probably why you're so ill with something as simple as the common cold. Don't worry the more you get sick the more it'll build up. We're just going to have to take care of you.

Stranger Things 3x2 “I dump your ass” Mike & Eleven break up

Eleven smiled weakly, still getting used to all the attention. Wheeler pressed a kiss to her forehead and scurried off to start dinner. She wasn't alone for long though, Mike came home with Will to visit her. Lucas blushed and mumbled an excuse about a lot of homework, grabbing a handful of Oreos before leaving the two of them alone. Eleven sighed in relief and then sneezed three times in a row.

Eleven wondered just how many types of illnesses there was and if she was really going to catch them all because she didn't have an immune system like Mrs. Wheeler had said. That was good to know. Even though Eleven didn't like the sound of feeling like she was going to die.

You probably caught it from me when you came over to visit. Not if it meant I got to spend time with you. Eleven felt herself grow warm and she knew it wasn't from the fever Joyce said she had when she had stuck a glass stick under her tongue before leaving for work. Byers should be home soon and then she'll make you soup. That's always nice when you're sick. If you want me to. Eleven smiled.

She was tired, a symptom that seemed to go along with being sick. But she didn't want to sleep because she didn't get to spend that much time with Mike. Except he had started to rub circles in her hand and it was causing her to drift off. Admittedly, this is not my best story. I've been actually sick with a nasty something for the past eight days and that's where I got the idea for the story. My cousin and I were talking and we kind of came to the realization that Eleven hadn't been really exposed to the world.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Stranger Things, For Alinewho requested Hopper giving El advice after a fight with Mike; for stressedxnapper, who requested a pregnancy scare; and for Val, who requested a pregnant El scared of telling Mike about it because he's leaving for college. Also, y'all, Kylie Jenner just had her baby and it still surreal, and when I found out, all I could think about was this chapter because she's still practically a teen!

I love the Kardashians fight me! I know. This is a long ass chapter, so please enjoy :. He jumped a little, the fork scratching against the pan, and he furrowed his eyebrows as he turned around to peer over his shoulder at her, only catching a slight look at her back as her sneakered-feet thumped away from him, her pony tail bouncing in the air.

As her senior year came to an end, her mood dropped; drowned in final projects, assignments, essays, homework, extracurricular activities, and the heaviness of future decisions. He felt bad for the poor thing; he'd been through all of that, and she didn't work all that well under pressure, so he could only try and keep himself mute when she got like this. But then a few sniffles reached his ears, and then loud sobbing overpowered the sizzling that came from his burger meat.

He frowned deeper, turning the stove off dinner could wait now and then marched towards her bedroom. Her sobs were abruptly muffled, as if she was pressing a hand against her mouth to contain the hiccups, and then his heart clenched when she finally spoke.

The first thing he saw was El's swollen face; puffy, red and wet, eyes in a grimace as she cried. And then he saw the plastic stick in her hand, and he came to the conclusion that he was fucked. She cried more, her sobs rocking her petite frame, and she bit her lips in a failed attempt of keeping her sobs in. He entered her room, walking quickly to her as she began shaking, and then he plucked the white stick from her fist and looked down at the two pink lines that he never thought of seeing from her at this age.

Her head barely brushed his shoulders, and he couldn't understand how a girl so small was going to have to face something so big. She swallowed thickly, running her hands up her face to wipe it and brushing messy strands of hair away from her forehead.

When did you find out? I grabbed a pregnancy test and went to the bathroom to take it-", she hiccupped deeply.

stranger things fanfiction max sick

She shook her head. I cried in his bathroom, and I wanted to burst out of there to tell him because this is eating me alive! But then, he started talking about college and the fucking future and I was just there, about to tell him to say goodbye to all of that because surprise! There's a baby- oh my goda baby!Author's Note: I got a request on my tumblr to do a fic where Steve gets sick and the kids subtly do little things to take care of him until he eventually realized that he's the one being babysat and not the other way around -- and since I myself am sick as a dog at the moment, I thought it would be fun to make Steve suffer with me.

Ever since that night two months ago, Steve and the kids -- including El and Will -- had become close. The children seemed to view him as an older brother, and he certainly thought of all of them as younger siblings.

Just then, said children -- minus Eleven-- came running out to greet him. They were all excitedly speaking at once, and Steve couldn't make out most of what they were saying. The kids each told him their pressing news one by one, and Steve listened to them with a proud smile on his face. Max got in the passenger seat, and the boys piled in the back. Max looked down at the floor of the car, where she'd put her skateboard, and noticed something she thought was strange.

There were wrappers strewn about her feet. Two things about this struck her as odd, the first was that Steve Harrington's car was never messy -- it was a point of pride with him -- and the second was that they didn't look like candy wrappers. Then she realised, they were from cough drops. Max sighed and leaned back in her seat. She shouldn't be surprised -- it was January, and it seemed like half of Hawkins was sick. But the thought of Steve being sick bothered her.

She'd started staring at him closely, and this time he noticed. Steve gave her a look mixed with confusion and amusement. Okay, weirdo," he said and smiled, tussling her hair. He turned his attention back to the road, and Max turned around in her seat to look back at the boys, wondering if they'd noticed the slight raspiness in Steve's voice, or that he seemed more tired than usual.

They hadn't. They were distracted, excitedly chattering about a lot of science mumbo-jumbo that she didn't understand. Eventually they drove into the forest, parking far enough away from the cabin that they wouldn't be considered connected. From there it was only a short walk. As she was getting out of the car, Max opened the glove compartment and grabbed a hand full of the cough drops from the bag Steve was keeping in it.

She knew he'd be needing them later, and that he wouldn't want to admit it -- this was the guy who lead them through a tunnel filled with alien monsters while he had the shit beat out of him, after all. He and the boys were already out of the car and waiting for her. Max quickly stuffed the lozenges into her pocket and grabbed her skateboard, getting out of car a shutting the door behind her. Sorry," she said, walking over to the boys. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

TV Shows Stranger Things, The kids decide it's their turn to take care of Steve, with a little help, and he couldn't be more confused by the turn of events.

Hope you enjoy! He was waiting outside in the parking lot to pick up the kids from school. So it was no surprise that Steve had become the designated babysitter for these six kids. Steve began to drive, heading for the cabin where Hopper and Eleven lived. She looked at the boy who was driving and noticed that he looked more pale and tired than usual.

stranger things fanfiction max sick

Max rolled her eyes and turned back around, staring at the road ahead of them. Max 2. Will and El 3.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. The unexpected sting of the needle. I have decided to post all of my Harringrove drabbles, ficlets, and writings from Tumblr over here as well.

All posts are Harringrove or Harringrove implied. Tags will be updated as I update the chapters! Only content warnings are for language and mentions of sexual scenarios. They are all stand-alone pieces, but some may be continued! The night the Gate is closed, Steve goes to Tommy H. In the aftermath, he reclaims his crown, adopts a pack of eighth-graders, fights Billy Hargrove again and somehow, finds himself on the path to understanding the word family. As long as she stayed in control, she would survive this.

Get a better plan, no, get better AT your plan. If she tried hard enough, she could save herself. Wonder Woman always did. The exception is for Max, who never realized how violent her stepfather was until he no longer had Billy to unleash it upon. When things get bad enough, she realizes the only way she can save herself: to run away.

Billy based sequel to Bird on the Wire. So Billy survived and now everything's- Well, he has no idea what'll happen next. But it's all good, isn't it? It's all behind him. He can move on- even with the weird marks on his body and his damaged car- At least for the latter there's a newly unemployed Steve Harrington hanging around, wanting to be helpful, and willing to drive him where he needs to go.

A series of stand-alone, smutty moments between the residents of Hawkins.

Each chapter will be a short words glimpse into a smutty moment between two or more characters. In other words: Billy and Steve find themselves seeing more and more of each other. Along the way they stumble their way into a couple of closets full of skeletons, not always metaphorically, and discover they might not hate each other after all.

There aren't a lot of things Steve is absolutely certain of, but he's pretty sure people who die are supposed to stay dead. A year ago, the reader almost died in Starcourt mall, and left Hawkins, and Steve Harrington, behind. But now Hopper is alive, and they end up back in Hawkins aka a rescue mission, old feelings, and plenty of angst.

What if Hawkins lab wasn't the only lab trying to contact the Upside Down? And what if the other lab getting up to shenanigans also happened to lose a monster or two? What would happen if those monsters then started killing civilians?

After her brother dies in an accident, Max Mayfield is moved halfway across the country by her step-father to a tiny town called Hawkins. There, she learns that life isn't as simple as she thought it was, that monsters lurk in unexpected places and some people aren't who she thought they were. A modern au, childhood-friends-to-lovers, slow burn, canon-divergent fic.

The Loser's Club thought they had forced Pennywise into its 27 year long hibernation, yet it seems that the clown is not finished with Richie. Terrified of his secret being revealed and being outcast by his friends, Richie leaves Derry and tries to escape his fear in Indiana. What happens after the night at the mall when the Mind Flayer is killed up to when the Byers move with El?

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